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Modern violinist, composer and improviser

Discover the surprising world of sounds the violin can create, using rhythms and styles that can be groovy, songlike, sweet or abstract.

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For music lovers craving a deep experience

“Mireia’s playing is refreshingly original yet spontaneous and from the heart, creating moments of genuine connection for the listener”

Mireia Clua Violinist lopping artist
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I believe it’s important to create and admire beauty in the world, and to have abstract languages that allow us to express ourselves without words.

For me, it is crucial to cultivate a transcendental relationship with music and silence, where one can feel, reflect, imagine and dream. Do things that make us live fully and intensely.

With my music I want to convey emotion and transport you to new imaginary worlds – disconnect from the everyday mundane reality and connect with the deepest human essence.

New album

Listen to my album of original compositions for solo electric violin.

“The future of the rocks” is a journey through the beautiful abstract worlds that I've created entirely with my violin, full of contrasts and emotion.

“The future of the rocks” is a collection of 12 original compositions for solo electric violin, effects and looper pedal. The sounds and rhythms are inspired by my travels and by all the music I have loved and absorbed throughout my life, which gives my compositions a unique fusion of elements from classical and grounded, to groovy and syncopated, dark and mysterious, or free and abstract. This album will take you on an intimate journey to discover the world of sounds the violin can create, that will touch you, inspire you and surprise you.

violin looping course
violin looping course

violin Looping course

Learn how to create your own original music for violin and looper pedal.

For violin players who want to improvise and compose their own music, but they don’t know where to begin, my video course is going to give them a step-by-step comprehensive framework that will enable them to create original music right from the start.

This course is designed to inspire you, engage you and help you enjoy the magic of your instrument.



In my solo performances I play a repertoire of original compositions for solo electric violin and looper pedal, with songs that evoke a variety of moods, and using rhythms and melodies that can be groovy, songlike, sweet or abstract.

The unusual format of electric violin and looper pedal offers a surprising and enjoyable experience to listeners, and it allows me to give concerts that are refreshing, original, spontaneous and from the heart.

I also love playing with other musicians, where we need to find ways to interact and contribute to each other’s musical ideas. As an improviser, I love the collective exploration of sounds, looking for elements that I can add that will enhance what the others are playing or singing. I cherish those magical moments of pure flow, where we are all listening to each other and almost breathing together through music.