Interviews at Radio Nacional d’Andorra

Radio interviews at Andorran National Radio to talk about my music and performances

Interview with Alex Lliteras, July 2019

“Mireia Clua visited us in the last interview of the ‘Obert per Vacances’ of the week. She is a violinist, performer and composer, but she also has a role as a trainer in musical improvisation and another role in cooperation, participating in different projects in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic where she launched the project “Música Maestro”.

Full intervew (in Català):

Interview at “Obert per Vacances”, August 2020

“Mireia Clua, violinist and violin and improvisation teacher, will show her repertoire of compositions for electric violin and effects pedals, on Thursday 13 August at 7.45 pm in Plaça del Quart de la Massana. In her concerts she uses modern and varied rhythms and styles: Latin fusion, pop, funk, jazz and world music.”

Full intervew (in Català):

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