music projects


Solo electric violin performance

In my solo performances I play a repertoire of original compositions for solo electric violin and looper pedal, with songs that evoke a variety of moods, and using rhythms and melodies that can be groovy, songlike, sweet or abstract.

With the looper pedal I build each composition on the spot, gradually adding layers of sound that combine together to recreate the rich and envolving sound of a full orchestra or band. Once the loop is built, I improvise melodically over it from my imagination, which makes each concert unique and memorable. I carefully plan each concert to create an engaging experience for the listener, taking them on a journey through all these beautiful abstract worlds that I’ve created, full of contrasts and emotion.

The unusual format of electric violin and looper pedal offers a surprising and enjoyable experience to listeners, and it allows me to give concerts that are refreshing, original, spontaneous and from the heart.

Streaming concert from Fatkst

At the end of 2020 I played a streaming concert from Fatkst’s studio in Engordany (Andorra), which was broadcasted live on YouTube. I played a repertoire of original compositions for electric violin and effects pedals, giving a preview of the upcoming album “El futur de les roques”, with songs inspired in the gorgeous nature of my country, Andorra. It was very exciting and enriching to be able to share my music in these times of social distancing, not only with my usual audience in Andorra, but with friends and followers on the other side of the ocean.

The live broadcast was conducted by Fatkst, with Oriol Fortó and Xavi Fajardo, two very sensitive and creative professionals with a long career in the audiovisual world in Andorra. From their endearing studio they created a warm, dynamic atmosphere with a high quality of image so that the spectators could enjoy from home a very close concert.

Play Video about El gran desgel - Mireia Clua
Play Video about Parets de llum - Mireia Clua
Play Video about Sara - Mireia Clua
Play Video about Petits brots - Mireia Clua

Concert at CIB Fest Madrid

I was invited to be part of the festival CIB Fest 2019, organized in Madrid by the OEI (Organization of Ibero-American States), where I went in representation of my country, Andorra. The main performance was a concert as a soloist at the auditorium of “Museo de América”, where I played original compositions for solo electric violin and effects pedals for an audience that remained captive and interested, giving me a beautiful feedback of connection and closeness.

Small intimate venues

Some of my most treasured memories are the performances for very small audiences in intimate venues, like my concert at Café de les Delicies in the heart of the Raval of Barcelona, or at the old theater of Maldà (Catalunya). I love preparing the stage with warm lights and props to create a cozy, magical atmosphere that invites the listener to relax and enter the world of sounds.


Mixed arts performance

I enjoy collaborating with artists from other disciplines, interlacing music with poetry, creating the soundtrack for a book presentation, or collaborating with visual artists to create an immersive audiovisual experience.
The result of combining different types of art can be a very rich, sensorial and powerful experience for the audience!

Audiovisual performance: Mireia Clua + Desilence

The Last Cloud is a project that combines my music and the visual art of Desilence to create a fresh and exciting experience. I build each piece on the spot with the electric violin and the looper pedal, stashing voices to create the effect of a full symphonic band, to take the listener to different soundscapes full of emotion. In the background, Desilence’s artists project moving paintings full of beauty, color and abstraction, creating the visual dimension of these imaginary worlds. This powerful combination gives a very full sensorial experience to the listener.

The Last Cloud first presentation concert was part of the Festival Ull Nu 2021 and took place in front of “La Casa de la Vall” (the old parliament of Andorra). The 400-year-old stone building served as a canvas for the abstract and colorful moving paintings that Desilence created to accompany my music. It was a magical and exciting evening.

La compañía nórdica book

Soundtrack for a book presentation

One of my favourite collaborations was creating the music for the presentation of the book “La companyia nòrdica”, by the renowned Catalan writer Albert Villaró. It’s a historic novel, full of mystery and magic, that follows the epic adventures of a Prussian soldier in the 19th century travelling across the Pyrenees mountains on a horse with his violin. The author asked me to create three different songs based on the musical motive “sol, fa, mi b, re”, which is the ostinato of the protagonist’s favourite piece, Biber’’s Passacaglia. I loved reading the book and imagining the music that would illustrate it. So I composed three songs based on that ostinato, each one inspired by one of the main themes of the book: magic, epic adventure and the stone-cold mountain landscape. I performed the three songs in the official presentation of the book, adding a soundtrack to the author’s explanations.

Musical interludes for a storytelling event

I was honored to participate in a special edition of the amazing show “Diario Vivo” at Teatro Conde Duque, within the cultural festival CIB Fest Madrid.

Diario Vivo is a unique show where journalists, writers and artists tell true, intimate and personal stories for the first time. In this special edition, there were five storytellers who told very impactful and memorable stories from their lives in Latin America, and the audience kept engaged and captive throughout the evening. In between each story, I performed a song to serve as a bridge to accompany the listeners from one story to the next. I love this format in which music can add such an interesting abstract dimension to the words and ideas of the narrators.


Collaboration with other musicians

I love developing and performing my own compositions for electric violin because it gives me the freedom to let my imagination flow and take the music wherever I want. I find it to be a great channel of self-expression.

But I also love playing with other musicians and find ways to interact and contribute to their music. As an improviser, I love the collective exploration of sounds, looking for elements that I can add that will enhance what others are playing or singing. I cherish those magical moments of pure flow, where we are all listening to each other and almost breathing together through music. 

Odara Trio

Odara Trio

Since 2020, I have had the pleasure of sharing precious musical moments with Odara, a trio composed by Albert Ginestà (guitar), Sabela Simón (voice) and me on the violin. We have worked on a repertoire of original compositions and folk songs we love from around the world (Balkan music, Argentinian folk songs, Catalan rumba, Flamenco) in a very intimate acoustic format. Sabela passionately conveys her Mediterranean essence, intense and delicate at the same time, while Albert brings a landscape of sounds with his Spanish guitar. My role as a violinist is to tie everything up from behind by providing touches of color, in a minimalist and sincere way.