The Last Cloud: Mireia Clua + Desilence

mixed arts performance

The Last Cloud, electric violin and video art performance

I had the pleasure to participate at Festival Ull Nu 2021 in Andorra, with the amazing audiovisual show “The Last Cloud” that I created with Desilence, famous visual artists from Barcelona. I performed a selection of my most abstract and moody songs for electric violin and looper pedal, while Desilence projected gorgeous video art on the stone wall of the 400-year-old building “Casa de la Vall”, the old parliament of Andorra. The combination of the instrumental abstract music with the colorful moving painting was very powerful. I enjoyed that concert so much!

Our show was featured on Andorran National TV:

“And one of the surprises of the Ull Nu Festival came this Friday night with the show The Last Cloud. Violinist Mireia Clua offered a taste of her compositions with a sea of lights and colors behind her in the hands of Desilence.”

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